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Buy-side services
All you need for a succesful Transaction!
M&A World Introduction
M&A World Introduction
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We appreciate the opportunity to present to you M&A World buy-side services. Our main goal is to deliver highly professional, but cost effective solutions. Whether you would like to purchase a business, franchise, start-up or invest in capital, M&A World would be delighted to help you. M&A World offers complex transaction services from the beginning stages all the way through until the deal is closed. The process of buying a business, franchise, start-up or invest in capital roughly consists of 6 steps. The final objective is to purchase a business, franchase, invest in capital, which fits your requirements. Our M&A professionals are well suited to manage the complex process. You are able to choose our buy-side solutions step by step from low-cost till the highly premium one. With us, you save time and money.


M&A BUY Profile

Firstly, we equip ourselves with your company's vision and philosophy. We will try to understand your strategy to the last detail. Together we will draw up a detailed profile of the companies you plan to acquire and the synergies or objectives you are trying to achieve. Thanks to the M&A Smart unique matching-tool all our members from 125 countries get notifications from your interest. This is a cost effective solution, because at this stage you can wait for the targets’ appearance. This step is highly recommend! (Featuring the listing is also possible)


Active Search

Our M&A professionals provide market monitoring and active target search based on the World's largest up-to-date business database (60 million businesses are available worldwide). After your approval our Administrative Center pre-filters the industrial specific targets according to the search requirements and our Call Center contacts directly the business owners. The active target search process takes around 3 months and it is surely worth the effort. The outcome of this phase is a target summary with qualified candidates open for the acquisition.


Deal Management

In this stage of buying a business, franchise, start-up or invest in capital we go deeper. We draw the attention of the potential targets to the advantages of being part of your organization and picture very clearly what is in it for them and how they can benefit from a takeover. During the talks and meetings industrial specific dedicated advisor supports the process, holds your hand from the very beginning stages till the deal close, leads the negotiations, and prepares the documentations like NDA, LOI and so on.


Business Valuation

We recommend for all investors to prepare at all serious targets an official company valuation according to international standards. With an official business valuation you get a better knowledge about the potential targets and their values. Sometimes brand valuation is also necessary, in case the brand has the main value. We also recommend for investors the benchmark analysis, which gives deep information about a specific market and the competitors. This analysis compares based on the official and available information the market players.


Due Diligence

Once you are certain we have found the most suitable target, we prepare an electronic, secured data room. The system sends invitations for all users, you can define access levels of the users and the structure and much more. At this stage our Administrative Center prepares scorecard due diligence of the company to be acquired. Due diligence is executed on financial, operational, legal and other business areas.


Successful Deal Close

Congratulation, at this stage you could close a successful transaction with the complex support of M&A World Professionals!