About Us

M&A World, the global network of merger and acquisition professionals, is the most cutting-edge independent provider of efficient and innovative solutions in cross-boarder transactions across the globe and across all sectors.

Facing the challenges of the economic circumstances M&A advisory went through a strong paradigm shift in recent years. Traditional advisory became slow and inefficient. M&A World jumped forward!
We developed an entirely completely new transaction advisory method based on an unique philosophy. We combine traditional values and international standards with innovative, digitalized Business IT Solutions. By following our guideline and services, M&A World significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to close a deal with guarantee.

M&A WORLD’s success is based on three main pillars: Worldwide network of M&A Professionals, skilful Business Support Center and innovative business IT solutions.




it solutions

Worldwide Networking

M&A World provides the widest range of global network of merger and acquisition professionals. More than 550 M&A professionals from over 125 countries are working closely together in order to deliver all the undertaken transactions with a successful outcome.

“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Support Center

M&A World Support Center's trained professionals, skilled project owners and expert advisors empower individuals and organizations to achieve their goals, precisely manage all transactions and create value.

Our professionals bring to the table superior expertise and knowledge in transaction services. Given our in-depth knowledge of the market, we understand the industrial needs and the unique challenges. Our team members are specialized in different fields of transaction services, which enables them to provide fully complex advisory service. When executing a complex M&A transaction, having expert advisory services and comprehensive deal oversight is essential for success. Our team of experienced M&A advisors can provide the guidance, support, and oversight needed throughout the entire transaction process.

“Quality is not a mistake.”
Katharina Ballun

Business IT Solutions

The bases of effective merger and acquisition advisory on top of networking and the support of M&A World Professionals is the secured IT background, digitalization and the innovative business IT solutions.

M&A World IT Specialists developed tailor made softwares and applications to support our partners and speed up the transactions.

M&A Smart Agent, Virtual Data Room, Deal Sharing Platform and Project Management Platform tools offered by M&A World can significantly reduce the time required to close a deal. These solutions provide valuable advantages to our users and clients by streamlining various stages of the M&A process.

Committed to always keep you a jump ahead.
By following our guidelines and tested business IT solutions,
M&A World significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to close a deal.