Advisors' Guide

M&A World provides a wide range of global network of merger and acquisition professionals. More than 550 M&A professionals from over 125 countries are working closely together in order to deliver all the undertaken transactions with a successful outcome.

M&A World family makes decisions always with a common goal in mind. Team work is the key. With excellent business ethics we support each other and share the work based on roles and tasks. M&A World offers outstanding fee-sharing roles to its Partner Advisors based on the properly executive tasks tracked in the Project Management System. We believe that good business relation is based on accurate accounting.

Selling or purchasing a WORK OF LIFE is an ART, needs deep understanding, various skills, industrial knowledge and serious preparation. The merger and acquisition industry requires continuous learning and skills development. M&A World provides conferences and training opportunities to help its advisors expand their expertise and stay updated in this constantly evolving field.

M&A World’s online training Academy, the complex education for Advisors focuses on various areas of mergers and acquisitions to get a deep and complex understanding about the main drivers, strategies and players. Education and training are the key drivers to shape the future together.

M&A World Conferences are the best occasions to meet personally. M&A World Conferences take place in different locations every year, with the aim to meet and get to know each other, share contacts, best practices, concrete deals and much more. Collaboration and communication are the key drivers of an effective network.

Fee Sharingbased on tasks and roles


Cooperation Agreement For Advisors

  1. Partner Advisors are selected because they adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, as well as share our desire to serve clients.
  2. Partner Advisors enter into a Consultancy Engagement with M&A World , with the purpose to provide professional support to the Project(s), including representation of the Client's and M&A's interests, application of know-how in accordance with international professional standards, complex and timely performance of expert advisory tasks, through active participation. The Consultant is obliged to comply with the M&A World’s Code of Ethics.
  3. M&A World records the Projects and the Tasks relating to the projects in its Project Management Platform which the Partner Advisor may monitor continuously.
  4. Partner Advisors receive success-fees and retainers for performing the Tasks.
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Tasks and Roles

Based on the nature of each project and the skills and experience of the partners, tasks & roles are allocated. Advisors can accept or reject tasks and roles at each project. Advisors have exclusivity with request to a given project and task. M&A World neither requests nor provides industry and/or geografical exclusivity.

From preparation to closure, the following Task and Roles are allocated:

Lead Provider – find Leads To introduce owners of businesses seeking to sell shares (minority or majority), raise capital or set up a joint venture, by providing contact details and a personal or online connection. Introductions are accepted in cases where the client is not yet listed in M&A World network or databases.

Local Partner – provides personal presence Complex transaction support, application of international know-how, providing contact in-person, online and in writing with potential clients, conducting and organizing negotiations. Maintain continuous communication and active teamwork with the Support Center and other partners. Assisting in negotiating and concluding the consultancy contract between the Client and M&A World as well as assisting in pricing the success fees, selling M&A World’s services. The local partner will do everything possible to ensure that the transaction is carried out under the best possible conditions and in the shortest possible time.

Team Manager – supports the local partners Training, assisting, coordinating and supervising local advisors, tracking, supporting and checking their projects according to M&A World’s practices and international standards. The team manager does everything possible to ensure that the Transactions undertaken by the local advisors within their team are realized under the best possible conditions and in the shortest possible time.

Support Center Team – Makes The Backoffice work Complex transaction support, application of international know-how, document preparation, such as Teasers, Investment Memorandums, Business Valuations, Longlists and much more. Informing investors by email and phone, asking to sign NDA, preparing investor introduction documents. Supporting Due Diligence process.

Investor Provider – Finds the Final Investor To introduce potential investors by providing contact details and a personal or online connection. Introductions are accepted in cases where the client is not yet listed in M&A World network or databases.

Due Diligence Coordinator – Moderates the DD Process Following the acceptance of indicative investor proposal, full coordination of the project, liaising with investors, owners, financiers, consultants, moderating the entire Due Diligence and contracting process. Active support in the development of the transaction structure and strategy, Participation in the entire transaction process up to closing.