Code of Ethics at M&A World Deal Sharing, Matchmaking and Project Management Platform.

Version 2.1 (of May 21, 2024)

  1. Preamble

    At M&A World, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and ethical conduct. Our Code of Ethics outlines the principles that guide our actions and decisions in all our business dealings.

    These terms and conditions shall apply to external as well as internal users. If you wish to use the Platform, you must first read these Code of Ethics (“Code of Ethics”) carefully and agree with them. M&A World reserves the right to modify or change the Terms or any other policy at any time, and the ability to do so is in sole discretion, and any such changes, unless otherwise noted, will be applicable immediately. Always the current Terms are considered as in force and applicable. In the following paragraphs, we'll explain our purposes for using cookies and similar technologies on our websites, we also offer you the opportunity to modify your consent to our use or to revoke your consent at any time.

  2. Integrity and Honesty
    • We conduct our business with honesty and integrity, maintaining the trust of our clients and partners.
    • We provide accurate and truthful information in all our communications and representations.
  3. Confidentiality
    • We respect the confidentiality of all information entrusted to us by our clients and partners.
    • We ensure that confidential information is protected and only shared with authorized parties as necessary for business purposes.
  4. Transparency
    • We promote transparency in our operations, ensuring that all parties are well-informed and aware of the processes and terms involved in any transaction.
    • We disclose any potential conflicts of interest and address them promptly and appropriately.
  5. Professionalism
    • We maintain a high level of professionalism in all our interactions, providing expert advice and services with due diligence and care.
    • We continually seek to improve our skills and knowledge to better serve our clients and the industry.
  6. Fairness and Respect
    • We treat all clients, partners, and employees with respect and fairness, fostering a positive and balanced work environment.
    • We do not engage in or tolerate discrimination, harassment, or any form of unethical behavior.
  7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    • We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards in every jurisdiction where we operate.
    • We stay informed about changes in laws and regulations and ensure that our practices remain compliant.
  8. Accountability
    • We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, acknowledging and rectifying mistakes when they occur.
    • We hold ourselves and each other accountable to uphold these ethical standards.
  9. Client-Centric Approach
    • We prioritize our clients' best interests, providing objective and unbiased advice tailored to their specific needs and goals.
    • We strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, acting with their long-term success in mind.
  10. Conflict of Interest
    • We identify and disclose any conflicts of interest that may arise and take steps to manage and mitigate them.
    • We ensure that our decisions and recommendations are not influenced by personal or financial interests.
  11. Environmental and Social Responsibility
    • We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment.
    • We promote sustainable practices and consider the social and environmental impact of our business activities.

Commitment to Ethical Conduct
All employees, associates, and representatives of M&A World are expected to adhere to this Code of Ethics. By following these principles, we ensure the continued trust and confidence of our clients and the integrity of our business.

If you have any questions regarding M&A World Code of Ethics, please contact M&A World at