Gold Membership

M&A World provides GOLD Membership for mid-sized sellers and investors, like VC, PE funds, industrial and financial, private and public users and M&A advisory firms, who handle less than 20 projects in a year with maximum 2 concurrent users. GOLD Membership includes:

  • Access to M&A World Global Deal Sharing Platform (save your search criteria and let M&A Smart Agent work for you, without limitation, post maximum 20 investment or target profiles in a year, contact members directly)
  • Access to M&A World Project Management Platform: (manage workflow, time, issue and task, control user permission and role, use storage function, calendar, collaboration tools and reporting possibilities)
  • Get support from M&A World Business Support Center (boot camp, M&A Toolkit and online support)
  • Take advantage of M&A World networking possibilities: (participate at M&A Academy and conferences).

GOLD Membership annual fee: EUR 6.000

Additional Terms and Conditions:
1. The client shall not use the information to create a competing product or service, nor shall the client allow affiliates, employees, or consultants to do so. The client shall not create a product that competes with M&A World or provides substantially similar functionality, content, or features as those provided by the information.
2. M&A World shall invoice Client the Annual Membership fee in advance on an annual basis. The applicable VAT must be added.
3. M&A World shall not be liable for any damages resulting from temporary unavailability of the Services, malfunction of any equipment, hardware or software, or issues with an internet connection belonging to the User. M&A World also shall not be liable for incorrect, incomplete, or untimely transfer or receipt of any data entered onto the Platform or stored with M&A World. All communication should be conducted via email using the below information.
4. Client confirms and accepts to be bound by the most current Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Declaration, Terms of Agreement, Privacy Policy and GDPR regulation found on M&A World’s website ( M&A World will post any changes on its Site and Client should check for any changes on subsequent visits. Client agrees to accept all changes having been posted by M&A World.



maximum:20projects in a year